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How to Donate a Weapon in CS2 (New HOTKEY Update!)

New players don’t understand the importance of donating weapons to their teammates in Counter-Strike 2. When you spend your money on weapons for your teammates it gives your team a higher chance of winning the round and allows them to save their money for future rounds.

There are two ways that you can donate your weapons in CS2, one way is with the new hotkey in a recent update while the other is to drop your weapon manually and on this page you will find guide on how to do both. Since this is so easy to do it is important to understand how to do it, you will notice that you’ll be winning more games in the end.

Step by Step Guide To Donate Weapons in CS2

Donate Weapon with Hotkey

Donating weapons in CS2 with a hotkey is the easiest way for you to do it. It saves time and makes you only need to communicate with your team mates that you are going to donate a weapon to them so they don’t spend their money. The only problem with donating your weapons this way is you have a lot less control on who gets your weapon if you are not already aiming at the person it is intended for. If you want some more control check how to donate a weapon manually below.

How to donate with a hotkey:

  1. Open the Buy Menu (Default Key: B)
  2. Take note of the weapon you are going to donate
  3. Hold the donate hotkey down (Default Key: Ctrl)
  4. Left click or press the relative number for the weapon you took note of previously
  5. The weapon will be thrown in front of you while keeping your current weapon.

Donate Weapon Manually

Donating a weapon manually proves you with more control on who you provide your donated weapon too as you can select where to throw it. This stops someone else picking up the weapon if they are closer to it, which would stop the original teammate getting the weapon that was intended to them.

How to donate a weapon manually:

  1. Open the buy Menu (Default Key: B)
  2. Select the weapon you want to donate a buy it, if you have a weapon already it will drop to your feet
  3. Aim your crosshair towards the player you want to give it to
  4. Move the crosshair higher to increase the distance thrown
  5. Drop the weapon (Default Key: G)


That is how easy it is now to donate a weapon to another player on your team in Counter-Strike 2. If you are looking to get some nice skins for your weapons that make the other players compliment your skin choice then check out our Top CS2 Trading Website list which goes over the best websites to trade on. Now you can go out there and donate weapons to your heart’s content!

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