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Broken Fang Missions – Week 3 Guide

This weeks mission list is called RangeFinder, as with previous weeks the mission names will all have to do with a RangeFinder. It gives you another chance to get another 6 stars, leaving you with a total of 23 stars if you have not purchased any additional stars. This means that once again you will not be able to afford the “Master Agent – Commander Mae” or “Master Agents – Sir Bloody Darryl” this week however, if you have saved up all of your stars you will be able to unlock one of these next week (Week 4).

Don’t stop reading because on this page you will see the fastest way to get your 6 stars, this is the maximum amount you can get from this weeks missions. Then if you want to complete every mission there is a guide for every mission for the Broken Fang week 3 missions written below.

Fastest Way To Get Stars Week 3

Doing the two missions “Keep Your Distance” and “Scope The Competition” will allow you to get the maximum of 6 stars this week faster then doing the other missions.

StarsMission Name
3Keep Your Distance
3Scope The Competition
Table showing the fastest way to get your 6 stars this week

Keeping Your Distance places you into a deathmatch game on the defusal maps which all have large open sections giving you plenty of distance to get the 15 meter+ kills needed for this mission. Scope The Competition is in the game mode Arms Race which has some of the quickest games out out every game mode.

In both of these missions of these missions your kills

Broken Fang Missions Guide

Dangerous Act Any Range

Queue with some friends who are better than their current rank, if they have experience with the map Ancient it would also help a lot.

  • 1 Star – Win 7 Rounds in Competitive: Ancient
  • 2 Stars – Win 15 Rounds in Competitive: Ancient
  • 3 Stars – Win 20 Rounds in Competitive: Ancient

To complete this mission completely for the 3 stars you will need to finish at least two games to get all of the rounds.

Keep Your Distance

Each of the maps in the Defusal Group Delta have a middle or long section in the map which has a far distance between the ends. Move around this location, try and find a location which allows enemies to come from multiple ways as you will find that your team mates will spawn near you. Your kills will carry over each game so you don’t need to get all of the kills in a single game.

  • 1 Star – Get 10 kills at a range of at least 15 minutes in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta
  • 2 Star – Get 20 kills at a range of at least 15 minutes in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta
  • 3 Star – Get 40 kills at a range of at least 15 minutes in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta

Scope The Competition

The most kills you can get with a sniper rifle in a game of Arms Race is 4. This means as long as you get at least 4 each game you will need to finish a total of 3 games. Every two kills your weapons change to a new predetermined weapon, unfortunately the sniper rifles which include and AWP and Auto-Sniper appear near the end of the list.

  • 1 Star – Get 3 kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race.
  • 2 Star – Get 6 kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race.
  • 3 Star – Get 10 kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race.

Through The Looking Glass

To complete “Through The Looking Glass” you will need to be in a lobby with a friend as this mission can only be started when you have a lobby of two people. This mission has you locked into a small location of train in which you will need to take enemies out over time with a sniper rifle.

  • 2 Stars – Get 20 kills with any sniper rifle in Guardian: Train

If you are struggling to complete this mission do not worry, the AI on the bots gets easier over time if you fail a lot.

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