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Broken Fang Missions – Week 4 Guide

We are a quarter of the way through operation Broken Fang at the moment in Counter-Strike 2. This week the total amount of missions has gotten even smaller leaving us with only four missions to complete, two of those require another player to complete.

If you have saved your stars since the operation started you will now have enough to buy one of the last two items in the shop which cost 25 stars each. These items are the agent from the “Master Agent – Commander Mae” or one of the agents from the “Master Agents – Sir Bloody Darryl” group.

Total StarsMission NameMission Description
3Cash Rules Everything Around MeEarn Money in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
3Get a Head StartGet headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno
3Short Term InvestmentDeal grenade damage in Retakes
2Spent It All in One PlaceGet 20 kills with the M249 in Guardian: Inferno
Table Showing The Broken Fang Week 4 Missions

Mission Guide

This week only has four missions so we will skip the in-depth details on how to get the maximum of six stars this week and just leave you with a table. If you need more information on how to complete these missions just below in the mission guide you will be able to see how to complete these two missions.

3Short Term Investment
3Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Fastest Way to Get The Week 4 Six Star Maximum

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

The first mission “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” is a simple mission to complete as all you need to do is play the casual game mode and collect money on the Defusal group Delta maps. The total amount of money you receive will be saved at the end of the game, allowing you to complete this mission over multiple games and maps.

  • 1 Star – Earn $25,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
  • 2 Stars – Earn $50,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
  • 3 Stars – Earn $100,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta

At the start of each round you will earn $2,400 at a minimum just for starting the round. This means that if you get no kills, assists or bomb defusals you will need to play a total of 41 rounds to reach the $100,000. If the server you join is playing knife only like mine did, let them know that the amount of money you earn for a knife is a lot less in casual, it is a lot better to use shotguns as the rounds are faster and you earn the same amount of $450 each kill.

Get a Head Start

For this mission you will need to be lobbied up with a friend, while playing you need to get headshot kills. Every four headshot kills you will earn a star until you reach twelve.

  • 1 Star – Get 4 headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno
  • 2 Stars – Get 8 headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno
  • 3 Stars – Get 12 headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno

You can find people to play with on Discord, look at our Top CS2 Discord Servers to play with someone now.

Short Term Investment

Getting grenade damage may not be as easy as you think when playing Retakes. For the mission “Short Term Investment” you will get a star each fifty damage you deal to enemies until you reach one hundred and fifty in total.

  • 1 Star – Deal 50 grenade damage in Retakes
  • 2 Stars – Deal 100 grenade damage in Retakes
  • 3 Stars – Deal 150 grenade damage in Retakes

You will not get a grenade every round, each round you can select between two or three weapon packs which are randomly generated. Remember that you will get most of you damage from HE grenades and molotovs.

If they are not an option look at getting one of the weapon packs that includes any grenade as you will deal 1 damage if you hit an enemy with it. The last way to deal grenade damage to an enemy is to be extremely lucky by having your decoy grenade blow up at the end of it’s life cycle under an enemy.

Spent It All in One Place

The last mission this week which requires another player to join you is the co-op mission “Spent It All in One Place”. You and a friend need to get a total amount of 20 kills using the M249 weapon without both of you dying in the map Inferno.

  • 2 Stars – Get 20 kills with the M249 in Guardian: Inferno.

This is the only mission this week which only gives two stars. If you are having trouble with this mission the bots will get easier over time if you both keep dying.

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