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Gift Ideas for CS2 Players: What we wish you’d buy us

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Stuck trying to think of a gift idea for someone who plays Counter Strike: 2? Look no further, there is a lot of options besides just another video game.

Buying gifts and presents for others is normally a frustrating experience because you don’t know what to get them. However buying for a gamer, especially one that plays CS2 is easy.

So whether it’s a present for your boyfriends or husband, a Christmas present for your child or to just say thank you to that lucky person these will be things they’ll bound to love. A good gift is one that they’ll like and enjoy and that’s all we’ve listed here.

Steam Gift Card – An Ultimate gift for a CS2 player

Counter Strike: 2 requires Steam to play and with Steam, you’re able to buy cosmetic weapon skins for the game. Not only that they could spend it on skins but also on thousands of video games on the Steam Platform.

If you’ve never seen Steam before you can check out the Steam store page for yourself without signing up to see everything they offer. Also, you can check out the cosmetic CS2 weapon skins on the same website to get an idea of what they are and how they look.

You can get three different gift card amounts (links to Amazon):

Counter Strike: 2 Weapon Skins
Counter Strike: 2 Weapon Skins

The great thing about a steam gift card is it can be sent virtually once you have the physical card. So you don’t need to physically send anyone anything once you have it, you just send the code on the back which the giftee then puts onto their Steam account.

Brand new Headset

Headsets are extremely important in CS2 as all professional and competitive players use sound to their advantage. Whether the player needs to hear the footsteps of the enemy about to come through the door or if a grenade has hit the wall it is all very important information. In my experience with many, many years of gaming the headset is also the most likely piece of hardware to break and I’ve gone through more of them than anything else.

Many professional gamers use the HyperX Cloud II Headset which can also be seen used in many CS2 tournaments. It is extremely well priced for the amazing quality (check the current price on Amazon) that it provides. Not only does it just work with PC but also all the major consoles including the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Logitech G430 Headset for CS2
Logitech G430 Headset for CS2

My personal recommendation for a cheaper but high-quality headset has to be the Logitech 430 (check the current price on Amazon). It has a 7.1 DTS surround sound system in place which helps players locate enemies easily and is great when watching videos or movies online. It’s very comfy even after hours of use using the sports cloth ear muffs it comes with. The microphone has noise-canceling in it so the user can clearly let his teammates know where the enemies are. You can find out all about the Logitech 430 on my headset recommendations page.

Humble Bundle – Support Charity while getting some of the best games!

Nothing is better than receiving some of the latest and greatest games that have been released on a monthly schedule. Humble Bundle offers just that service giving you an average of 9 games per month for only $11 for a year worth of $12 for just a month. Each month the games in total end up being worth between $150-$228 which you can check out on the store page to see which games they previously released and you’ll see instantly that they’re decent games. You are able to gift 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year’s worth of games to someone just make sure when you make the purchase you select “This subscription is a gift” below the purchase button so it is only a one-off purchase instead of a subscription.

Humble Bundle Monthly Subscription Games - September 2018, August 2018 and July 2018
Humble Bundle Monthly Subscription Games – September 2018, August 2018 and July 2018

Humble Bundle monthly also gives 5% of the subscription service to charity. Otherwise, if you check out their bundles you can decide what percent goes to the featured charity, game developers and Humble Bundle. This gives you the power to decide where your money goes so you can feel good when you buy the person their gift. You also get 10% off other store purchases and have the ability to cancel at any time. Prime – FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!

Does the person spend a lot of time watching other people play video games instead of playing them themselves? Twitch Prime is the perfect thing for them as not only does it give them benefits on the most popular video game streaming platform there is but also in-game rewards on some of the latest games including but not limited to Rainbow Six: Seige, Overwatch, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Runescape.

Example of a CS2 stream featuring m0E_tv
Example of a CS2 stream featuring m0E_tv

The best thing about it is that there is a free 30 day trial on Amazon right now! So if the person receiving the gift doesn’t like it you are not at a loss. Unfortunately, they’ll need to connect their twitch account to the purchase so this is best only if it’s within the immediate family. In some places around the world, this is linked with Amazon Prime as in the United States.


If you live in a major city they might also be interested in the CS2 E-sports scene. You could get them tickets to a big tournament which might be happening just around the corner. These tournaments usually cater to thousands of people giving them the ability to watch it live while hundreds of thousands watching from home on their computer or tablet. Millions of dollars are won in E-Sports each year and it’s growing larger at a major rate with many youths aspiring to their favorite e-sports team or star.

Some Major Tournaments to check out include:

  • DreamHack
  • FaceIT
  • ESL

Other Hardware or Games

There are many other options that you can get them, take a look at their current computer set up. Do they need a new chair, mouse or keyboard? These are some common things that people who play video games need to upgrade or replace every few years without getting into the technical hardware which is inside the computer, that which you might need to knowledge of their set up for.

Asking them what games they don’t have and want to try out is also another easy option. You might not get the benefit of multiple games for such a cheap price like the Humble Bundle offer above but buying a game can be simple and can be done at many storefronts like EB Games and Gamestop.

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    Buying gifts and presents for others is a frustrating experience because you don’t know what to get them. The microphone is one of the things that I recommend for a cheaper but high-quality headset. It has noise-canceling. The user can let his teammates know where the enemies are. Each month the games are worth a wager.


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