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Best CS2 Gambling Websites to Withdraw Skins

Valve has recently gone on a massive account banning spree against websites that use CS2 skins as items to gamble. These accounts can have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of game skins on them at the time of the ban, leaving the owners and operators of these website hurting financially. To counter this, they have been working on a peer-to-peer trading system that allows players to add and withdraw skins from their own inventory but have the trade tracked by the website. It is tracked by bots watch both inventories when a trade occurs, and after the trade is complete the websites credit system is updated on their respected accounts.

Since the website account are being banned players can put up their own skins as a deposit and allow other people to withdraw them as stated above. This person can decide on a certain percentage to charge on top of the market price earning that user more money for depositing on that website, the trade-off though is that many people will not pay above the market price for skins unless it is a rare skin or a very specific skin they have been looking for.

Website NameMaximum PercentWebsite has BotsSelection of SkinsHighly Recommended
Comparison of CS2 Gambling Website which allow Skin Withdraws

Other websites not listed in the comparison list don’t allow users to select which skins they want easily or do not have an activate marketplace were the player always has a chance of withdrawing a skin. Another reason is that the website may not be verified as a legitimate gambling website by me in which case I would not recommend anyone use them. Additionally, I chose not to include case opening websites that do not allow you to exchange the items you have received for other items.

Example of a marketplace that players can withdraw items from

If you are not into gambling but still want to use a marketplace that isn’t governed by a 15% tax such as the one on the official Steam marketplace then you can use a third-party trading website. I have compiled a list of the top 7 CS2 trading websites here already for you to check out, the first website listed is the one I use daily. These websites normally only charge up to a 5% tax which leaves you with a massive saving at the end of the day and allows you to get more skins for the amount of money you would have originally spend had you only used the Steam Marketplace.

New to CS2 Gambling Websites?

If you have never used a gambling website before do not worry. I have plenty of guide on my YouTube channel SlyJesse going over each of the website available including how to deposit, use the website and withdraw your skins at the end. Embedded below is a video of CSGOEmpire which goes over all of the information you need if you are new to Gambling Websites, which is first on the website comparison table above on this page.

If you use a website not listed here that you love to use make sure that you leave a comment below and let me know what it is and why you love it. I always love to see which websites people are using and what users of those websites think is so great about it.

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