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CS2 Fracture Case – Skin List, Information and more!

The Fracture Case was released on the 6th of August 2020 and has continued with some beautiful art that is laid over on various skins within Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). It has a total of seventeen new weapon finishes made from players in the community as well as Shattered Web Knives as the special rare item which you can get if you are extremely lucky when opening one of these cases.

Starting off on this page, there is a list of the skins you can get from inside of the Fracture Case. It is in the same order that can be found inside of CS2 but also includes an image and a description of what each weapon looks like. Further down on the page there is a section that goes over how to obtain the case, key and skins for the Fracture Collection.

List of Fracture Case Skins with Images

Desert Eagle | Printstream – Covert Pistol

Desert Eagle | Printstream - Covert Pistol

By far the cleanest looking Desert Eagle (also known as the Deagle) skin in the game. The top half of the weapon over the barrel is white while the bottom half over the trigger and handle is pure black. In a very light grey it also has written “MADE IN ISREAL” written in the middle of the skin with four crosses and one heart above it. These crosses and heart represent that there is one player remaining while four of the five players on the team have been taken out. There are also a bunch of other patterns across the skin to make it fit into the Counter-Strike 2 universe. Lastly, you will notice small specs of foil that are small and thin, which changes the color as the player moves around the map, similar to that of the skin MAC-10 | Disco.

This skin is predicted to be one of the most expensive skins in the game due to its amazing design and small amount due to its covert rarity.

AK-47 | Legion of Anubis – Covert Rifle

AK-47 | Legion of Anubis

An Egyptian themed weapon skin, the AK-47 Legion of Anubis features the Egyptian god Anubis and Ra. Anubis is the god of mummification or death and is believed to be one of the oldest Egyptian gods. Ra is seen as the god of Life, together they are meant to balance each other out. In addition to this skin we already received the Anubis map known as de_anubis which recently made its way into the competitive map pool.

M4A4 | Tooth Fairy – Classified Rifle

M4A4 | Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is one of the skin with more of a dark theme to it.

It has written on the weapon’s magazine “Don’t Sleep” and “She knows” with a scratched in drawing that looks like it was taken from the game Portal. The weapons background is black and red with red flames. Red flames are coming up the handle while the front grip just has a red background with a teeth pattern going across the top. The featured image is a grim light brown fairy that is thin in size who is inspecting a floating tooth in front it’s face.

Glock-18 | Vogue – Classified Pistol

Glock-18 | Vogue

Two female eyes with make-up look at the person holding this Glock-18 with the Vogue weapon skin. The top of the Glock-18 has a red theme while the handle is blue and purple. Depending on the Vogue’s price and how it shapes up in game it may make our Top skins for Girls in CS2.

XM1014 | Entombed – Classified Shotgun

XM1014 | Entombed

Another Egyption-themed weapon inside of the Fracture Case. It resembles the wall of a tomb fit for the king of Egypt. The middle of the XM1014 is blue while the rest is brown with lines of red, green and blue. The most colorful part of the XM1014 is both the tip and stock.

MP5-SD | Kitbash – Restricted SMG

MP5-SD | Kitbash

Kitbash should have been in the CS2 20 Case as it has been designed to represent the game. The entire theme of the weapon is based on the Counter-Terrorist team in CS2 and a parking lot. Unfortunately, the parking lot is not the one in the map Office because there is an objective site on the handle.

MAC-10 | Allure – Restricted SMG

MAC-10 | Allure

A lady, wave and koi fish is the featured image on the Mac-10 | Allure. The colors that appear on the weapon skin are white, black, aqua, red and orange.

MAG-7 | Monster Call – Restricted Shotgun

MAG-7 | Monster Call

The Monster Call has a shark underwater chasing a monster with its mouth open. The background is dark blue, with the shark a light green and the monster is colored purple.

Galil AR | Connexion – Restricted Rifle

Galil AR | Connexion

A red and white Galil skin with “PHOENIX CONNEXION” written on the stock. The Phoenix group has been the enemy in recent operations in Counter-Strike 2.

Tec-9 | Brother – Restricted Pistol

Tec-9 | Brother

A simple army style weapon with a light yellow and brown camouflage. The magazine is grey with two pieces of red sticky tape wrapped around it near the bottom. The handle is black while the barrel is the default grey.

P250 | Cassette – Mil-spec Pistol

P250 | Cassette

Ever wanted to shoot a Cassette? Now you can with the P250 | Cassette skin. The top of the P250 is grey with three parallel lines across it with the colors of orange, red and purple. Everything under the grey is completely black with a dot pattern. Cassette’s were popular in the 1990’s and were used to play audio recordings on devices such as a boom box or cassette player.

SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 – Mil-spec Sniper

SSG 08 | Mainframe 001

If you are after more of a computer cyber theme the Mainframe 001 SSG 08 might be the weapon for you. Also known as a scout, this skins color theme is light blue, dark blue and green however, the scope, barrel and bi-pod are all black. The weapon also has a black square in the middle of the weapon which says the weapon’s name “Mainframe 001” in white.

P2000 | Gnarled – Mil-spec Pistol

P2000 | Gnarled

An evil tree with red eyes with a blood red room in the background. The branches climb up the handle and then head across to the front of the P2000. The background is dark navy.

P90 | Freight – Mil-spec SMG

P90 | Freight

Freight is a P90 which has been designed to look like a cargo container that has been left alone for an extended period of time. It has dirt and graffiti all over it and looks run down.

PP-Bizon | Runic – Mil-spec SMG

PP-Bizon | Runic

The PP-Bizon | Runic is a dark black weapon skin with a wooden handle. There is a light red glow in the holes near the barrel as well as a glow over some small runic writing across the middle.

SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty – Mil-spec Rifle

SG 553 | Ol' Rusty

In the middle of the skin it has written “Ol’ Rusty” in red which is also the name of the weapon skin. The barrel, stock and handle on this weapon is a light red while the scope and body is light blue. There is also a bandage tied across the handle on top of the light red paid.

Negev | Ultralight – Mil-Spec Heavy

Negev | Ultralight

There have not been many negev skins released but this one fits in nicely and may be seen as a regular in people’s inventories. The Ultralight is a simple grey weapon skin with green arrows going from the back to the front of the weapon.

Operation Shattered Web Knives

Operation Shattered Web Knives

These knives and their skins now come from three different cases; these cases are the Fracture Case and the Shattered Web Case. The types of knives are Nomad, Paracord, Skeleton and Survival.

How to get a Fracture Case or a specific Fracture Case Weapon Skin

The Fracture Case can be received for free as one of your weekly drops you get at the end of a game. These cases use a Fracture Key to open which costs US$2.50 to open and can be purchased inside the CS2 game using your Steam balance. The case can also be purchased off the Steam Marketplace from other players, here is a video of that process as well as how to purchase a Fracture Key and how to open the Fracture Case with the key on YouTube.

After a player has opened a case they can decide to sell their items on the Steam marketplace or websites like which is what I personally use as a trading website. TradeIt uses bots on their website which allows you to deposit items and take the items you want all in a single trade making it safer than the alternatives that hold your and don’t allow you to withdraw until your item is sold.

Alternatively another smart way to get weapon skins from the Fracture Collection is to swap your current unused skins for the skin you like on a website such as CSGOEmpire which has a massive list of CS2 skins but has games of chance which give you the opportunity to get more. CSGOEmpire is the only one of these websites which I would recommend you do this on as it is the most trusted in by the community and myself.

You can find some more information about the Fracture Case and the update that came with it on the On the Case blog post on the official CS2 blog.

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