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Operation: Shattered Web Released! [Everything you need to know]

The last operation ended on November 23rd, 2017 but today the exciting announced operation “Shattered Web” has just been released. After 2 years of no news or updates on any new operation, today the community is rejoicing.

Shattered Web Main Menu in CS2

Just 3 hours before the release, the CS2 Twitter account asked the community with a Poll if they should nerf the SG 553 or make a new operation. Of course, the majority picked a new operation to which they replied that their working on it.

This battle pass includes features never seen before in Counter-Strike 2. Operators can now be unlocked by completing a mission that rewards you with ‘stars’, which are used to unlock the content in the operation. Stars can also be purchased for US$1 each or 100 for US$60 as a way to unlock the entire row of content right away including one master operator which comes with a unique cheer and voice.

As you can see with the images above, you get a specific item depending on how many stars you have. The highest amount of stars you can reach is 100 before it resets. Meaning you can go through the battle pass over and over as many times as you like getting rewards along the way. This is very similar to a battle pass seen on other games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

The missions you need to complete can be different than previously. Now you may need to get kills at a certain location on a map. For instance, in Banana on the map Inferno. Throw strategic grenades around a map which are listed once you’re on the map. Or you could just be getting kills in a specified game mode with a certain weapon.

End of a Casual Match in Shattered Weave
End of a Casual Match in Shattered Web

At the end of the round, operators now show up in casual matches with the top players in certain categories. These categories include:

  • The Bounty Hunter (Highest kill reward earnings
  • The Entry Fragger (Most first kills)
  • The Trifecta (Most triple kills)
  • The Tenderizer (Most Assists)
  • The Clutch king (Most Clutch Kills)
  • The Good Shot (Headshot percentage)
  • The Ninja (Fewest audible footsteps)
  • The Flash (Most Enemies flashed)
  • The Ancient One (Most time alive)
  • The Fearless (Most deaths)
  • The Most Valuable MVP (Most MVPs)
  • The Workhorse (ADR)
  • The Barber (Dinks)
  • The Colonel(Most chickens massacred)
  • The Weapons Trainer (Unique Weapon kills)
  • The Ace in a Hole (Most Aces)
Shattered Web Case

They haven’t held back on weapon skins as well with four new cases in the game right now. They include Norse, St. Marc, Canales and the Shattered Web weapon collections. You will be able to see these cases and their skins on our CS2 Cases and Skins page.

On top of the new cases, four new knives have also been released which include the Skeleton Knife, The Survival Knife, The Paracord Knife, and The Nomad Knife.

Additionally, new sprays and stickers which you get as you get more stars and play the game. The stickers are neon color-themed and look different than most other stickers. The colors and stickers resemble those of the Feral Predators Capsule.

New Stickers and Graffiti

A new pin is also available and comes with the purchase of the operation. It features a Spider with a bronze color. As you unlock more starts it changes color all the way to diamond, which is similar to previous operation coins. Silver is reached at 33 stars, gold is 66 stars and diamond is 100 stars.

The last feature that comes with the operation are three new maps that include:

  1. Studio (Casual)
  2. Jungle (Danger Zone)
  3. Lunacy (Scout Knives, Flying Scoutsman)

The Shattered Web operation can be purchased on the main menu for US$20 but can be played without purchase. An XP boost is also unlocked each week after completing a certain amount of missions. Not owning it means that you will not receive any rewards or complete any missions from the operation.

You can find out more about Shattered Web on the Counter-Strike website. Let’s just hope with all of the new features, skins and work that the developers have put into operation Shattered Web, that players don’t rename “Sharted Web”.

There was also an update to the game that was released at the same time. The major updates in this include:

  • SG 553 price increased to $3000.
  • FAMAS (CT) and Galil AR (T) price reduced to $1800. Spray on these weapons has improved.
  • Sentry Bullets in Danger Zone changed to M249.
  • Pearlescent coating now available in the marketplace on CS2 skins.
  • Studio added to Scrimmage Map Pool. Replacing Cache which has moved to the Competitive Pool.
  • Zoo and Seaside removed from the game.
  • Large changes to the map Vertigo.

If you want to up your game with the latest operation, you may need a new mouse. Check out our mice recommendations for CS2 and see if these could benefit your gameplay.

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