Top 3 Gaming Mice for CS2 in 2019!

When you need pinpoint accuracy to take out the enemy player in Counter-Strike 2, a perfect mouse is needed. I’ve played tens of thousands of hours in first-person shooter video games and over 3,800 alone in Counter-Strike 2. So I’ve gone through the latest mice on the market to find the top gaming mice for you!

The reason why gaming mice where created is to give players much higher accuracy when moving the mouse around, lighter or heavier body for the user’s preference and sometimes some sort of customization. The customization could be buttons that change the DPI, buttons which run a macro or script, scroll wheel buttons or even software bundled with the mouse to give it some extra unique features.

Because the price always changes for mice as they get older I’ve linked to the Amazon store so you can view each of the prices as they stand at the time of viewing this page. You can click on the title which says which mouse it is or the image just below it.

1. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse with a blue background

I’ve seen people pay hundreds of dollars for older versions of this mouse as the reliability of them is insane compared to other mice. Even I miss the old versions of these mice, recently they’ve even added a wireless option however this list we’ve provided the wired.

The Logitech G Pro was designed for esports players with their help to help players reach their dreams. The HERO sensor inside the mouse provides up to 16,000 DPI and is Logitech’s most advanced gaming sensor. Also with 20 million clicks before the button stops working you know it’s going to last a long time.

What makes this mouse stand out is it’s shape and weight, it’s shaped like a simple mouse to keep your hand in a comfortable position and the mouse only weighs 83 grams. Also if you visit LANs sometimes you need that extra bit of length on your mouse cable, the G Pro has a cable length of 2.1 meters.

2. G502 Hero Wireless

G502 Hero Wireless Gaming Mouse with a blue background

The G502 is a heavy mouse with adjustable weights, weighing a total of 115 grams. Being wireless you’re able to glide across the mouse pad without getting a mouse cord caught. The sensor is also a HERO sensor, has a DPI of up to 16,000 which is perfect for a gaming mouse. 11 programmable buttons can be found all across the buttons. It also has custom lighting so you can keep the color scheme the same with the rest of your rig.

Going to a wireless mouse has always been an issue for games as before latency could easily prevent you from playing at the top of your game or the battery may die in the middle of playing. The great news is Linus Tech Tips have done a survey seeing if gamers were able to distinguish between playing with a wired or wireless version of this mouse and which had the better latency, the survey proved that they could not see a difference. Charging battery completely also allows it to run for 60 hours without the LED running or just 48 hours with it on. When it does need charging you can plug it in and use it just like a regular mouse with a cable or get the Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad that charges the mouse while it is on the mousepad.

3. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse with a blue background

It is said that this mouse was designed with nothing but perfection in mind. The first thing that pops out when you see the mouse is hexagon holes all over it. Most people would straight away think that this is for airflow but they’re actually there to lower the mouse weight, keeping it at 68 grams. You can barely feel these while using it but it is definitely a little odd the first time you use it. The cable is just a bit shorter than the G Pro, being only 2 meters.

Turning the Model O upside down they’ve added smooth gliding pads that they’ve called “G-Skates”. These come by default on a few gaming mice now but it is always great to have so you can slide along your mouse pad. Of course you’ll also see more hexagon holes here as well, just to get even little gram off the total weight they can.

What is great is that no software is required to change things like the LED lighting the mouse displayes, including 8 effects or the DPI. The maximum DPI for the Model O is 12,000. If you want more customisation though there is free software they provide you to further configure the mouse.

Looking at cheap gaming mice

Normally a cheaper gaming mouse won’t come with as many features as the mouses above but would usually have a decent sensor in it. So even though you don’t have extra buttons or a DPI changer you may find you’ll be playing games better than just a regular mouse with the increased accuracy as you move the mice.

You may also find that the product may be lower quality and may break easier. The biggest problem cheaper gaming mice that I’ve personally had to deal with is the scroll wheel braking or the left mouse button getting stuck down. These problems are horrible if they happen in the middle of a game or you don’t live near somewhere that sells decent mice. Since moving to more expensive gaming mice I have not had to worry about these yet.

Places to look for mice

You will almost always find the mice you want at it’s cheapest price online. It’s very rare that a retail brick and mortar store will have them cheap unless it’s on clearance. If you know the mouse you want, I would check on Amazon or Google Shopping and find the lowest price then check the manufacturer website for the mouse. Last check the price at local electronic stores around you.