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Matchmaking Update Fixes Rank Issue

Today marks the release of one of the most needed updates, the matchmaking update has recalibrated players’ ranks. Players can see what rank they are after winning or tieing a game. Updates to matchmaking ranks usually are not announced and because they are done on the back end, users cannot see these updates when decompiling the game.

Players will notice that their previous rank has disappeared and that they are unable to play with anyone who does currently have a rank. This makes it hard for friends together if someone has already received their rank. Due to many people not having a rank and many people are trying hard to win, which should reassure solo players.

This update especially good for players in Australia who found that most people were stuck in the silver and nova rank, where no matter how many wins in a row were gained they couldn’t rank up.

I can personally confirm that you will receive your rank when you tie a game. It is not required to win a game as stated in the update notes.

Previous RankNew Rank
UnknownSilver 1
Nova 1Master Guardian 2
Nova 2Legendary Eagle Master
Nova 2Legendary Eagle Master
Nova 2Legendary Eagle Master
Nova 3Supreme Master First Class
Master Guardian 2The Global Elite
Master Guardian 2The Global Elite
Sample of the current ranks compared to ranks before the update.

You can find a list of all ranks and an explanation of them on our Counter-Strike 2 Ranks page.

In addition to the matchmaking update, they announced that the Antwerp 2022 Stickers would be removed from the store on the 8th of August 2022.

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