Counter-Strike Updates

The complete collection + ESL Rio 2022 Items

Pop-up message when you open the game after The Complete Collection update.

The latest update has reached us with some needed quality-of-life changes, visual updates, and the Rio 2022 player and team stickers. The size is around 160 megabytes.

Storage units now have an improved user interface when retrieving, depositing and inspecting items. This will help many people who use storage units consistently, especially if they like sorting between them.

The update has seen some Ancient player boosts, graphical bugs removed, as well as additional translated phrases.

New Rio 2022 items added to the CS2 Steam Store

These are the new items added to the Steam store with the cost of each item in USD.

  • Viewer Pass – $10
  • Viewer Pass + 3 Tokens – $15
  • Storage Units: $17 to $65
  • Legends Stickers: $1
  • Challengers Sticker: $1
  • Contenders Stickers: $1

One of the main items people will be focusing on is the Rio 2022 Pass which comes with various benefits. By purchasing the Rio 2022 Pass, you’ll receive the following:

  • An upgraded Rio 2022 Event Coin.
  • Access to the Rio 2022 Pick’Em Challenge.
  • Use of Team Graffiti throughout the event.
  • Team fair on Steam.TV
  • Access to the Rio 2022 Souvenir Packages.
Rio 2022 Steam Store Items and Prices.

People who purchase the viewer pass and Rio 2022 items from the CS2 Steam support the organizations in the ESL Rio 2022 tournament, as 50% of the proceeds from the pass are passed along to them. The pass can also be purchased withthree3 additional tokens.

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