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New 2021 Community Sticker Capsule with Images

Today marks the release of the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule. It includes 12 new paper stickers, 6 holo sticks and lastly 3 foil stickers all made by the Counter-Strike 2 community. The capsule is on sale for US$0.99 from the steam store which can be accessed inside of the game or can be purchased from the 17th of September 2021 on the Steam Market. Meanwhile, the individual stickers can be purchased from, the Steam Market from other players right now.

Paper Stickers

  • Clutch Or Kick
  • Dr. Dazzles
  • EZ
  • Fast Banana
  • Hard Carry
  • Kitted Out
  • Nademan
  • No Time
  • Retro Leet
  • Speedy T
  • This Is Fine (CT)
  • War

There is a variety of different stickers that come in the paper section. These all relate to CS2 in some way, for example:

  • Banana rush refers to a strategy used on the map Inferno in which players rush the B plant site.
  • Nademan refers to someone who always has plenty of grenades. Including HE, Flash, Smoke and Decoy Grenades.
  • Clutch of Kick refers to a common saying that a group of people will vote kick you off the map if you do not clutch the round and win.

Holo Stickers

  • Cyber Romanov (Holo)
  • Eye Contact (Holo)
  • Handle With Care (Holo)
  • I See You (Holo)
  • Nice Clutch (Holo)
  • Runtime (Holo)

Various other stick capsules just included paper stickers with a holo (holographic) cover over them. However, this capsule used unique images for both the holo and foil stickers.

Foil Stickers

  • Ace Devil (Foil)
  • Bullet Hell (Foil)
  • Purrurists (Foil)

Players are happy to see these 19 new stickers in the game as first impressions are positive which is reassuring compared to some of the recently released stickers. Leave a comment below with what is your favorite sticker in this collection and why.

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