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10 CS2 Skins You May Not Know

These ten Counter-Strike 2 skins are those ones that you may have never seen in the game ever. No matter how common or what case they come from.

10. SSG 08 | Tropical Storm

Starting at number 10 the SSG 08 Tropical Storm is an Industrial Grade sniper rifle from the Mirage Collection. The skin is blue/greyish with some green accents. In the skin’s description it reads that the skin was made by spraying paint on top of stencils, nets and palm leaves. All of this can be easily seen right in the middle of the skin. The combination and the darker accents of the skin suit the weapon nicely. There is no Stattrak option for this skin but because it is from the Mirage Collection you can get it as a souvenir.

SSG 08 | Tropical Storm (Minimum Wear) Skin Price

Skinport: $1.75

9. SSG 08 | Slashed

Number 9 has another nice SSG 08 skin which is commonly known as a Scout. The SSG 08 Slashed has a tiger skin finish with an orange and black pattern. Many people say the pattern it looks like the skin of a tiger that has been inverted. Sadly, this weapon skins wear only exists as field-tested, well-worn and battle-scarred but can be picked up extremely cheap.

SSG 08 | Slashed (Field-Tested) Skin Price

Skinport: $0.67

8. FAMAS | Djinn

Djinn for the is a mostly black skin, with some dark art drawn over it. Over the magazine there is a djinn with his swords that looks nice. The rest of the skin is covered in dark grey roots with a grey outline, lastly a demon is above the magazine. If you are one of the people who like dark skins and play with the FAMAS, this skin is a good choice.

FAMAS | Djinn (Field-Tested) Skin Price

Skinport: $1.37

7. AUG | Bengal Tiger

At seventh place is another tiger themed skin. This one is for the AUG and is called Bengal Tiger. This skin looks like a tiger with its red upside, white downside and the black stripes scattered across it. It is hard to unbox one of these now as the weapon skin is 6 years old, coming from the eSports 2014 Summer Case.

AUG | Bengal Tiger (Field-Tested) Skin Price

Skinport: $2.29

6. SG 553 | Fallout Warning

The SG 553 Fallout Warning is a red and blue skin, that looks like it has been laying around for some time. Around the weapon trigger is a neon pink radiation warning symbol. It fits nicely with the rest of the skin. Overall is pretty simple.

SG 553 | Fallout Warning (Factory New) Skin Price

Skinport: $2.86

5. M4A4 | Jungle Tiger

Coming in fifth is the M4A4 skin Jungle Tiger. You would think with so many tiger themed skins that you would see them around in the game. It is mostly a green and brownish skin and looks to replicate a camouflage pattern. There is no other skin is CS2 with this kind of pattern.

M4A4 | Jungle Tiger (Field-Tested) Skin Price

Skinport: $1.34

4. AK-47 | Rat Rod

The AK Rat Rod is from the relatively new shattered web collection. The rat rod is a mostly light blue skin made to look old metal. because of the rust that is all over the skin. The highlight of this skin is the sharp teeth in the middle of the skin, and the inscription “Go back to Hell”.

AK-47 | Rat Rod (Factory New) Skin Price

Skinport: $6.79

3. AWP | Corticera

The bronze medallion of this list goes to the AWP Corticera. This AWP skin is mainly the color dark blue. From the stock of the AWP green roots out of it towards the front. This skin also has remanence of the famous and expensive AWP Medusa within the crack.

AWP | Corticera (Minimal Wear) Skin Price

Skinport: $5.64

2. M4A1-S | Nightmare

The silver medallion goes to the M4A1-S Nightmare. The Nightmare is a blue black skin and some nice art on it. In the middle of the gun there is a monster that looks like your worst nightmare. The background looks like it is in a cave with blue crystals or ice surrounding it. Overall it is a nice skin that not too many people have.

M4A1-S | Nightmare (Factory New) Skin Price

Skinport: $15.78

1. AUG | Fleet Flock

First place is the AUG skin Fleet Flock. The Fleet Flock is a skin with the sky in the background and blue bird in front of it. It is so rare to see this skin that most players have never heard of it or even seen it in game.

AUG | Fleet Flock (Factory New) Skin Price

Skinport: $10.49


How did you like the skins, maybe you even want to get yourself one of them? Check the current price of them by clicking the link below to see the Steam Marketplace or Skinport price. Otherwise you can check out our top skins under $1 in CS2.

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