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Roobet – An Honest Players Review

When I first came across in January 2020 it was a much different website, and what pulled my in to play on it was the ability to log in with Steam. Originally the only games on the website were Dice, Roulette, Mines and Towers. Now though, they have expended to include some of the most popular games online including live “game shows” and slots.

Some of the other posts I’ve made focus directly on websites that have Counter-Strike 2 items in them, however just like website DatDrop this website uses the cryptocurrencies, specifically Ethereum and Bitcoin. As I mentioned before, the great thing about this website like the other websites that I have reviewed is that it has the Steam login, making it super quick to sign up and start playing.

Roobet Homepage

As someone who mainly plays roulette with CS2 items, this website was a good change being able to play the slots. By far my favorite game is Snake Arena which has a feature that can be explained as similar to “Snake” from the old Nokia phones. In the YouTube video below you will also see me play Deadwood, Money Train and Midas Golden Touch.

Is Roobet Legitimate – SlyJesse (YouTube Video)


Monopoly Live Game Show Feature on Roobet

The game shows are live streamed over the internet to players who place bets on the outcome. An extremely popular game is the Monopoly game, which starts out similar to roulette but has a game feature similar to that of Monopoly but instead of paying tax, players earn massive multiple increases of their bet. Unfortunately there are a few places around the word that do not have access to the live game shows, Australia being one of them. I have watched many videos online and am amazed at how interactive and exciting they are. If you have the ability to play them I would highly recommend opening one of the games up and seeing if it is something you would enjoy.

There are a few other games that are common on various other websites but Roobet appear to have put a decent amount of effort into these games. Here is a list of the games I played which are common on other websites:

  • Roulette
  • Mines
  • Dice
  • Towers
  • Crash

The Crash game is one of the most popular game on these websites, Roobet’s version shows the location that each player withdraws as well as changing the spaceship each game. You can also see where everyone else has pulled out if they have, and set your very own auto pull out.

Crash Game on Roobet with a high number

This game I was watching hit 215x the original bet, which is the largest I have ever seen. As you can see the last player which pulled out won 50x his original bet of $2.

Depositing and Withdrawing

The website allows both deposits with both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bitcoin states that it is instant, however I deposited using Ethereum. After I transferred my deposit of coins from my Ethereum wallet to Roobet it stated that it would only take three confirmations to appear in my wallet. What shocked me is that it showed up within 30 seconds making me extremely happy compared to various other similar websites.

The website allows both Bitcoin and Ethereum to be withdrawn. When I was done playing I withdrew my remaining balance to an Ethereum address, I was very impressed that it was automatic and I did not need to wait or have myself verified by taking photos with my license. Nothing has annoyed me more than websites which try to do as much as they can to prevent you from withdrawing.


I have contacted support multiple times with various questions and have received a response each time on the same or next day. I’ve also e-mailed them and have only had one experience where they did not get back to me, though after re-sending in the e-mail again they did get back to me.

There is a live chat support feature on the website which you can access by clicking on the drop down menu on your account name. Do not get confused with the live chat for public use as anyone can type and read it, this chat can be found by the message icon on the bottom left corner.


I would definitely recommend Roobet, in fact if I compare it to all of the other similar websites which I have reviewed both on here and on YouTube this one would come the most recommended. The games they offer are were fun to play and there was a vast selection of different games is what makes this website great. The support could use a little work but is not the worst as CS2 websites sometimes take days to get back to you, if they do at all.

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