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CSGOEmpire has Reduced their CoinFlip Fee

If you’re a major fan of CoinFlip then we’ve got a treat for you. CSGOEmpire, one of the major players in the counter-strike gaming scene, has reduced its CoinFlip fee to 0.5% of the balance played. Their Twitter account went on to explain that half of that fee then goes into different bonuses they provide, leaving their total house return (or edge as they’ve put it) at 0.25%.

Previously the fee was a whole 3%, which was six times as much as it is now. The community has found this change welcoming and is eager to learn more about what the company is doing to increase its hold on the Counter-Strike gaming market. Especially now that Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be released to the public anytime now.

Twitter post by CSGOEmpire regarding the CoinFlip Fee

If you are new to CSGOEmpire, I would recommend you use this link to sign up, as it provides you with some free website balance to start your experience on their website. This includes if you want to try out the CoinFlip for yourself.

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