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CS2 Game Source Leaked

It is breaking news, an old copy of Counter-Strike 2 has been leaked online to the public. Along side it Team Fortress 2 which are both from the year 2017. At this time Jungle Inferno and Operation Hydra were the latest updates to these games.

The way the source code was leaked has not been completely confirmed yet however there is strong evidence that places the owner Tyler McVicker of the Valve News Network as one of the sources who had access to the files.

Further more a conversation between Tyler and Cephalon, a Valve employee was leaked. The chat log is extremely long and can be downloaded on the button below.

Tyler McVicker has not had much to say about the topic except he is taking a prolonged break and that he is aware of the leak on a certain chan website.

Other sources are saying that the leak was provided by a person associated with Tyler McVicker who was disgruntled about being kicked from the Valve News Network modding group. Jaycie Erysdren goes into a lot more details about how they believe the leak happened and the original source of the files.

The files had been given originally to those who were Source Engine licensees. Containing only the code itself and no assets.

Many people are fearing that this could lead to an increase in hacks put on the market while others are hoping this pushed forward the release of CS2 on the Source 2 engine. There is currently no known known exploits being used to run remote code execution (RCE) through these games if you have them open.

Every Folder in the CS2 source code

To the average user these files will mean nothing at all. It is interesting for people who want to look at how CS2 does certain features using it’s code. The coding language used is C++.

How to find the CS2 leaked source code

Unfortunately for you, we will not directly link to the source code but we can give you ideas on how to find it. It has been seen on both MEGA and on certain chan websites. Doing a google search for these may help you come across it, to ensure it has the source code you want to check that the file “full.7z” is included.

The full.7z file containing the CS2 source code.

This source code could be tempered with and you should be highly cautious when downloading and executing any code provided. Since these files are coming from an unknown source and are not officially released by Valve their authenticity cannot be checked.

Update from Valve

Valve have tweeted just hours after the leak that they have reviewed the code and they don’t believe that there is any security issues using the for those using the current versions of the game.

Tweet by the CS2 Developers

They have also confirmed that the information posted here about it being from 2017 and given to source licensees is correct.

In a late tweet they state that they’ll continue to investigate the leak and that playing on the official servers is recommended for the greatest security.

Auto Turret in Danger Zone with a red lasor

Now that you can open your game and play without the threat of being hacked, why not join our Discord server where you are able to find other players. Chat about the game and post memes. Information such as this leak get posted there as soon as the news starts to spread, keeping you aware of what is happening.


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