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Complete Guide to Trading CS2 Skins for Cash (2022)

Getting money back from your Counter-Strike 2 skins is a lot easier than most people think. Your CS2 skins are found in your Steam inventory, where you can also find the items you own for the games hosted on the Steam platform.

Most people will sell their items on the Steam marketplace, an inbuilt system into the Steam platform that allows players to buy and sell their CS2 skins using the funds they have on steam. The problem occurs when you want to use those funds on something besides video games and skins. Steam does not allow you to withdraw your funds back to your bank account, so it’s stuck on the platform. That is why in this post we will be discussing only how to get real money with the skins you sell from CS2.

When selling CS2 skins for real money they are valued at an average of 30% less than what the price is listed for them on the Steam Marketplace. So if your CS2 skin sells for $100 on the Steam Marketplace, you can expect to get around $70 by trading it for real money. Some rare items will sell for a lot more but the average user will not have these items, so you do not need to worry about accidentally selling them.

There are a lot of scams out there that try and trick you into giving your CS2 skin away but not getting the money in return. By far the best method of selling your skins is to use a third-party website that lists the skin to its visitors. This way you still keep ownership of the skin until someone purchases it. The website will then track the item as it changes accounts and credit you the funds once it has confirmed the item has changed accounts. Every website that is listed here I have tried myself, and I’ve made sure to leave out any dodgy websites that I’ve dealt with.

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CS2 Skins for Cryptocurrency

The most reliable way to get cash for your CS2 skins is with cryptocurrencies. The most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Once you have the coins you can then sell the cryptocurrency for money into your bank account. There are multiple websites that allow you to do this, I’ve put together the two that I’ve used many times without an issue.

I am sure you will be able to find different cryptocurrency coins on certain websites that you use, however in all my time I have only come across three different coins which are the most common you see online.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

This is the main way to buy and sell CS2 skins for real money now, every website I’ve used has had the option for it.

Websites buying CS2 skins for Cryptocurrencies:

Skinport – The replacement for BitSkins when it shut down was Skinport. It has a huge amount of options for filtering skins making it the perfect marketplace to sell your items. Skinport also allows you to buy and sell skins for the most popular games on Steam being CS2, Dota 2, Rust, Team Fortress 2 and Z1 Battle Royal.

SkinBaron – SkinBaron is another website with fantastic filtering options. SkinBaron uses Euros for transactions on its website which is great for Europeans.

BitSkins – At one stage the largest website to buy and sell CS2 skins for cash, but since it’s shut down and new owners have taken over its popularity has halted for the time being.

LootBear – LootBear unknownst to most people, a website that allows you to rent out skins and also has a marketplace that you can sell your CS2 skins on. Out of all these websites, I believe that LootBear would take the longest to sell your skins because so few know about its marketplace.

PayPal for Skins banner

CS2 Skins for PayPal

The problem is that you cannot trust anyone on the internet, especially with virtual goods like CS2 skins. If you do use PayPal and they do transfer the funds to you first before you hand over the item, they can still do a chargeback. A simple Google search of “CS2 skin chargeback” brings up a list of 202,000 results, which is no surprise as it’s one of the main methods scammers use to get your items.

Trading your CS2 skins for PayPal was once a very popular method to get money. If you ignored third-party websites and only counted trades between players this would still be the most popular method.

The goods news though, if you do want to buy items on PayPal they now have Buyer Protection for virtual goods. So now you don’t have to worry if they scam you when buying an item. You can get your money back on CS2 skins if:

  • The item is not as described
  • You did not benefit from the transaction
  • You didn’t receive the item

Some websites allow you to mass deposit your skins and will pay you back with PayPal. Beware when using these websites, a lot of them are very old and not managed at all. When you send your skins to them, you’ll never hear anything back. It’s best to check if they have a live chat and if they do, ask them a question that anyone should know about Counter-Strike 2 that can’t be googled easily. My favorite question to ask is “If my team just won our 18th round, how much money would I start with on a competitive match?”, this question can’t be googled and the person would have to have played to know that this question cannot be answered as the game ends after a team wins 16 rounds.

Now that you’ve read all the important information about what to watch out for when using PayPal to sell CS2 skins. The website trusted the most now no longer supporting PayPal since it was recently shut down and then purchased by an unknown company. BitSkins is the company I am talking about here, they do state that they’re working on adding it back though. Sadly with little information on who purchased Bitskins, I am now sceptical to use them.

That only leaves three other websites, Lootbear. Originally opened to rent your CS2 skins out to other players. It now allows you to list and sell your skins on their website. You can set the price you want to try and sell the item for, list it at the average that has been sold or list it at the price on the Steam marketplace.

The other websites which you may have seen on the page already include Skinport. They have a 2% fee to withdraw to PayPal which covers the charge to send the money over from their account. The minimum PayPal withdrawal is 10 Euros but can be converted to your local currencies with PayPal. Lastly, SkinBaron also offers PayPal withdrawal.

CS2 Skins for Free

If you want to add some more CS2 skins to your collection that you can sell for real money. Good news! You can get CS2 skins for free. The fastest way to get them is to play games and fill out surveys on, alternatively, you can get up to 4 items including skins each week by just playing Counter-Strike 2. Most skins are worth 1 cent that you get by playing the official game but with you are able to pick which skin you want after you reach a balance of $5 or 500 credits.

Other people get skins from friends, trading between other players, opening weapon cases or just buying them off a marketplace. We’ve listed all the marketplace you should use above if you are going to buy a skin as they’ll save you a lot of money over attempting to open weapon cases.

There are also many websites that offer you a balance on them which can be used to withdraw skins, some other terms may apply though so make sure you understand what you need to do to withdraw.

List of Sites with Cash Withdrawal

I’ve compiled an easy list so that you can see which websites offer which cash withdrawal option. That way you can choose one that suits you. These are in alphabetical order and each website has been tested by me personally so I know they work.

Website NameWithdraw Options
BitSkins (Requires ID verification)Bitcoin
Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer

If you have your own website or a website to suggest leave a comment here or on the contact us page using the form. I’m always on the lookout for new websites so I can monitor and test them before referring them for people to use.

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