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How to Bunny hop in CS2

Bunny hopping has been in counter strike since before I can remember. It involves you making your player jumping forward moving left to right constantly while increasing your player speed.

The easiest way to start is to bind jump to your mouse wheel, It allows you to constantly spam the jump key while scrolling. Open your console and add these commands but note you’ll no longer be able to switch between weapons using your scroll wheel. You only need one command if you just want to scroll one way but if you use both you can just spam your scroll wheel any way.

bind mwheelup +jump
bind mwheeldown +jump

Once you’ve binded your jump to the scroll you’ll need to know how to actually bunny hop. First you’ll want to start by pressing W to move forward, jumping once you’re moving as fast as you can. You’ll then want to strafe left to right as you spam the jump wheel making a rainbow pattern flipped each jump. In normal matchmaking your jump speed is limited to 255 but while bunny hopping you’ll be able to reach speeds of 300.

If you want to practice your bunny hopping outside of the official servers you there are some commands which help such as changing the server configuration around and making bunny hopping easier. Some commands to consider are:

sv_cheats 1 – Enables cheats on the server to do the commands below.
sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 – Disables the speed control to enable you to move faster while bunny hopping.
sv_autobunnyhopping 1 – Constantly attempts to jump when you jump key is pushed making bunny hopping easier.
sv_gravity 400 – Sets you the servers gravity. Making you jump a certain height
sv_gravity .5 – Plays the game at half the speed it normally would.

For a further explanation on how to bunny hop this video goes over the basics quickly.

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