Counter-Strike Updates

UI overhaul for CS2

Counter Strike: 2 developers have shown off what they’ve been working on lately and it’s a total user interface overhaul. Expected at the end of 2017 by many the latest beta update shows us what the game is expected to look like in the near future. By far my favorite addition was the timer when defusing a bomb so you can really see what point of a second you really had before defusing the bomb. Down below are comparisons between the old UI and the latest UI so you can check it out yourself.

New Menu VS Old Menu:

New Game VS Old Game

New Inspect Weapon VS Old Inspect Weapon

New Inventory VS Old Inventory

New Loadout VS Old Loadout

New Scoreboard VS Old Scoreboard

New Weapon Select VS Old Weapon Select

New Bomb Defuse

New Player Select

How to get access to the Beta

To access the new CS2 UI follow these easy instructions, It’s very similar to other games on steam:

  1. Open and log into Steam.
  2. Go to your Games Library.
  3. Right click on Counter Strike: 2 and select “Properties”.
    UPDATE 07/07/18: With the latest update add “-panorama” to the launch options here and you’ll be able to play with the new UI.
  4.  Navigate to the BETAS tab and select the beta you wish to participate in. In this case it’s “panorma – Panorma UI Preview”.

If you wish to go back to the current build simply follow these instructions again but select NONE under the BETAS tab.

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