Counter-Strike Updates

CS2 Update: 20th April 2018

The latest patch to Counter Strike: 2 labelled “Smoke Mid Every Day” has been released.

Coming with it included an update to the Active Duty map pool placing the most popular map Dust II back in but sadly removing Cobblestone, though you are still able to queue for it in competitive games online. London’s FACEIT Major being held in September will include this change to the map pool. Cobblestone was release in CS2 on the 18th December 2013 after overhauling the map and providing a major graphical update. The map was originally introduced with Counter Strike Beta 6.5 and continued in the series to Counter Strike Source.

Wingman mode received a new map dubbed Short Nuke. It focuses on the B site located underground starting Counter Terrorists on the ramp while Terrorists spawn in the tunnels.

Short Nuke B site


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