USP-S pistol from Counter-Strike 2The USP-S is one of two starter weapons that the Counter Terrorist can start with. It is a silenced which you have the ability to remove the silencer on however it serves no benefit to do so and actually decreases it’s accuracy. The other weapon that the Counter Terrorists can start with is the P2000.

It can be purchased on the for $200 on the Counter Terrorists team at the beginning of the round. It comes with 12 rounds in the chamber and an addition 24 bullets that can be reloaded. It is extremely accurate taking 2 shots to the head to kill an enemy with armor but only 1 shot if they don’t.

This gun was also featured in Counter Strike: Source.

USP-S Stats

Cost: $200

Ammo: 12/24

Damage: 35

Firerate: 5

Recoil Control: 70

Accurate Range: 22M

Armor Penetration: 101

Penetration Power: 1

Stopping Power: 50