Dual Berettas

Dual Berettas Weapon in CS2

The Dual Berettas have two large magazines that can be rapidly fired towards a target dealing massive damage. It has a long reload time taking a total of 4.6 seconds to reload however because of the large number of bullets you won’t need to do it too often on eco rounds. Their low accuracy means that they are rarely used in competitive play.

When playing with bots in Counter Strike: Source the dual Berettas are bought often however for some reason in Counter Strike: 2 they are rarely purchased.

Dual Berettas Stats

Cost: $500

Ammo: 20/100

Kill Award: $300 (100%)

Damage: 32

Firerate: 6

Recoil Control: 70

Accurate Range: 15m

Armor Penetration: 182

Penetration Power: 1

Stopping Power: 50

Dual Berettas Damage

The damage is great towards unarmored enemies. A simple bullet to the head is an instant kill while alternatively, it takes 3 shots from the waist up. With armored opponents, it takes 5 shots from the waist up unless you aim for the stomach which is 4. Armored opponents need to be hit at least once in the head and once in another location to be killed as well.

Location Unarmored Armored
Head 152 86
Chest & Arm 38 21
Stomach 47 27
Leg 28 28