Danger Zone Case Skins Collection

The Danger Zone Case was released on the 6th of November 2018 along with the Danger Zone mini-game mode and Blacksite map. There are 17 weapon skins that you have a chance to get as well as the chance for a “Rare Special Item”. This includes the chance to get a Horizon Knife.

A Counter: Strike 2 Weapon Case called Danger Zone that has the colors of Yellow and Red with a padlock locking it.
Danger Zone Case Image

There are some familiar looking skins in this case that we’ve seen in the past from other cases.

These skins include:

  • Asciimov AK-47 similar to the AWP
  • Mecha Industries Desert Eagle similar to the Famas and M4A1-S
  • Neo-Noir AWP similar to the USP-S and M4A4
  • Flashback USP-S similar to the M4A1-S

These cases can be opened with a Danger Zone Case Key in-game for the regular key price of US$2.50 or off the community market place for a sustainably larger price.

The skins included in this case are:

  • Modest Threat MP9
  • Oxide Blaze Glock-18
  • Wood Fired Nova
  • Magnesium M4A4
  • Black Sand Sawed-Off
  • Danger Close SG 553
  • Fubar Tec-9
  • Scavenger G3SG1
  • Signal Galil AR
  • Pipe Down MAC-10
  • Nevermore P250
  • Flashback USP-S
  • Momentum UMP-45
  • Mecha Industries Desert Eagle
  • Phosphor MP5-SD
  • Asciimov AK-47
  • Neo-Noir AWP