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CS2Polygon is a SCAM!

Playing on gambling website that focus on Counter-Strike 2 items always has it’s risks. Here on CS Spy you have seen my reviews of various websites as I take a look at how legitimate each of these websites are. Sadly CS2Polygon is a scam website that steals its players CS2 items and money.


Legitimate CS2 gambling website include CSGOEmpire which has roulette and Farm Skins which has case openings both allow you withdraw the items you win. Sadly CS2Polygon looks like one of these websites with bots playing and an extremely promising sign-up bonus.

There are no withdraws but for some reason if they do let you withdraw, the entire system is built solely to steal your money and give you nothing in return. Support will provide no help and just tell you to bet more until you are out of coins and unable to withdraw anyway. You can read more about this below as I go in depth.

The domain names that they use are:


Referral and Sign-up Bonus

The reason so many players have heard about CS2Polygon is because each player and their referrer get 1,000 coins as a sign-up bonus.

I did a test and in total sent a total of 168 real people to their website, 57 of those signed up with my link. Giving me a total of 57,000 coins to use on their website.

The affiliate system looks extremely enticing for someone who is able to send traffic to the website. Not only do they get the 1,000 coins stated before but also a percent of each bet that player makes. It starts with the referrer getting 1 coin each 250 coins a player bets.

CS2Polygon's Affiliate Page with stats
CS2Polygon’s Affiliate Page with stats

When you try to withdraw from the website it states in broken English that you need to bet 10,000 coins, this of course was no challenge for me having much more than that.

Support is horrible

I contact support about being unable to withdraw after betting the amount stated and even let them know I had bet more than it says in just one go. Their response was:

You have been exposed to wagering because suspicious activity has been noticed on your account. In this case, we cannot help you. You need to follow the instructions received and place bets. If you still have questions, contact us again.

Migov – CS2Polygon

I replied back after betting more that I own this website and once again I’ve bet more than you message states. Only to be told this time in broken English:

Sorry, but as we said, the only way out of this situation is for you to bets. Hope for your understanding.

Killass – CS2Polygon

Not only did they not explain what was suspicious but also would not state the amount needed to bet.

This is not my first rodeo as the saying goes, I know some people use bots to create account just to get credits. Though the information they provide themselves prove otherwise. The 57 accounts which got the free 1,000 coins and/or deposited extra themselves have bet a total of 287,202 coins. Meaning the average of each account has bet 5,038 coins each. Ignoring the stats I can see on my end of who I sent to their website this goes against the idea that these where bots. CS2Polygon just doesn’t want to pay out what is owed to people using their website and would rather scam them by stealing their money if they deposit.

What if I can withdraw

If for some miracle reason they do allow you to withdraw, you are not in the clear yet. A box will pop-up warning you that if you don’t accept the item within 30 minutes you will not get the item AND lose your coins.

Pop-up message when trying to withdraw on CS2Polygon
Pop-up message when trying to withdraw on CS2Polygon

Assuming they send the item in the first place, they say if you don’t accept the item within 30 minutes you lose both the item and coins. Making sure they include that coins will not be returned.

Common reasons for not accepting a trade offer within 30 minutes:

  • Steam itself goes down
  • Steams CS2 Inventory goes down (not uncommon)
  • They don’t send the CS2 item
  • Your internet goes offline

These are just the common issues, there are thousands of other rare instances for a trade offer not being accepted within 30 minutes. It could be as simple as power outage or as complicated as en emergency health reason.


CS2Polygon will lock your account in it’s backend not allow you to withdraw but still deposit and play. Ensuring they make money while the entire time you are unable to withdraw any CS2 items.

It is by far the better choice to use a website that is legitimate like the two I previously stated. CSGOEmpire is a good idea if you want to play on website with the same roulette game, it also comes with one free case with a chance of over 1,000 coins when you used the code CSSPY.

Edit: This website has been updated to include their new domain name.

6 thoughts on “CS2Polygon is a SCAM!

  • But if i only signed at this site, thet can’t steal anything?

    • As long as you didn’t sign in on a phishing website and used the official Steam login the answer is no.

  • im not

    polygon scam me again

  • Yes it scam, please never go on this site, they are scammers. Hope their moms will * on *.

    • Devlin

      Appreciate the warning. That said, contrary to wide belief, punctuation is not deadly and in fact helps the reader understand your message much more clearly.


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