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CSGOEmpire – The Winning Strategy! (FREE Excel Spreadsheet)

How to win on CSGOEmpire is one of the most common questions asked of me and in this post, I’m going to show you exactly my method to win. I’ve also created a free excel spreadsheet that you can download just below.

You always want to win so you can get better skins and make your coins double but there is honestly no full-proof way to win every single time. I’ve come up with a method that spreads your bet out over a long period of time and have laid it out in the excel spreadsheet below.

The winning method has you picking the dice to win each and every round after it hasn’t been selected for around 20 rounds. Instead of using all of your coins you want to spread it out over a longer period of time in case it doesn’t come up for a while aiming for between 50 and 100 games to win.

The document allows you to put in the starting amount that you want to start with as well as the amount to increase your bet over time. It’ll then work out the following:

  • Which round you are on
  • How many coins to play on dice
  • The amount you will receive if you win
  • The overall profit considering all previous games

Of course, just like playing any game this isn’t a sure-fire way to win. For all that we know a dice will never appear again, extremely unlikely but you always have a chance to lose in any game.

How to get the History since it was removed in an update

The way to see the game history has changed and isn’t as straight forward as it used to be since they updated the theme of the website.

The new easy way:

  1. Got to the fairness page
  2. Click on the Roulette tab
  3. Scroll down until you can see a table with the header “ROLLS”
  4. Select the top roll in the table. It will be labeled something similar to “5123123 – 51278989” but with the actual rolls for the day
  5. You will now see the latest rolls for today

The old hard way:
To view the roll history now you will need to visit this link. After you have visited it, you need need to change the address in your browser from “seed=1795” to the current number.

You will need to guess the seed number but I have a pretty accurate way to get close to what the number is. I would start by adding 1 number for every day it has been since the 10th of December 2019. If there are no rolls yet for that number, subtract 20 from the seed and reload the page. Once you’ve found a working seed, just add 1 to the seed until it’s on today’s one. If you need help with this join our Discord server.

For Example: If today is the 1st of February 2020, you would add 59 numbers to the seed. So you will end up with “seed=1854”. Then removed 20 numbers if there is no seed on that number yet. Then add 1 number until you are on today’s seed.

Check out other websites like CSGOEmpire than make sure to look at our list of legitimate CS2 Gambling Websites. It has a list of websites I’ve tried myself and can confirm that they’ve worked for me and others.

20 thoughts on “CSGOEmpire – The Winning Strategy! (FREE Excel Spreadsheet)

  • Does Empire ban you for doing this? Would they be able to cancel my balance etc?

    • No-one has contacted me with and had any negative effect by using this, I use this myself and with larger sums of money than most people. I have also spoken to the CS2 Staff and have not been told to take this down.

      Thank you for the comment, let me know how you go. 🙂

  • So i dont know what color to pick between Black Yellow and Dice , can you show me how ?

  • Leonardo Sabou

    so when you win once, do you go back and start counting again or just raise the bet by the amount you want to?

    • I would wait 20 or more rolls and start again from the very beginning.

  • herman

    Yo can you give a google spreadsheet link, i dont have office so i cant open it

    • No, it is only available for Excel. You may be able to open it in Google Sheets though.

  • what seed number would be today?

  • Syneriou

    When i lauch it it asks me for a password on micorsoft 2010 excel

    • It should only ask for a password if you press on a cell that doesn’t allow it to be edited.

  • john victor

    still working? I have always used a similar strategy, will test yours.

    • Yes, it still works. It will work as long as they don’t change the game. I don’t think CSGOEmpire ever change it.

  • youness0789

    i dont know how to use it can you show me how

    • There is a YouTube video on the page you can watch that goes over how to use it visually.

  • Francisco Martins

    Hello! How much do u thing is the minium to have to use this strategy?

  • Could I get some help with this strategy?

  • Did you think about making bot which will do all this alone? Is that possible? Thanks for sharing this script, it still works!

    • I’ve had multiple people make a bot, as it can be easily done. However, I do not approve or recommend ever using a bot on CSGOEmpire.


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