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Broken Fang Missions – Week 2 Guide

Week two has come fast for Operation Broken Fang in Counter-Strike 2. This weeks missions has been called Moon Shot with the mission names themed around taking the a desert eagle to the moon and back.

This week features a total of 5 missions and a maximum of 6 stars to gain this week.

Just like last week, if you have not purchased additional stars the only two items you would not be able to afford to purchase with your stars this week are the “Master Agent – Commander Mae” and “Master Agents – Sir Bloody Darryl”.

List of Week 2 Mission in Operation Broken Fang

Maximum StarsNameDescription
2Houston We Have A ProblemGet kills with all 10 pistols in Guardian: Apollo.
3Low Earth OrbitGet Pistol Kills in Retakes.
3One Small StepWin rounds in Competitive: Apollo.
3The Deagle Has LandedGet Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage Group.
3The Right StuffEarn MVPs in Broken Fang Premier.
List of the Broken Fang Missions with Stars for Week 2

Fastest Way To Reach 10 Stars In Week 2 Of Broken Fang

With the lack of missions it is easy to see this week which is the fastest way to get your 6 stars. By playing the casual game mode missions you will find that you will get your stars this week without any issues. Both missions stack their kills up over multiple games so you do not need to complete these within a single game.

StarsMission Name
3The Deagle Has Landed
3Low Earth Orbit

The Deagle Has Landed will provide you with some great 1 hit kill practice making you aim for the enemies head at a distance, otherwise you will see yourself spamming the fire button if they are close to get those kills fast.

Week 2 Missions Guide

Houston We Have A Problem

An easy co-op mission this week sees you playing one of the new hostage maps calls Apollo. You and a friend will need to get 10 pistol kills while limited to a specific area. Make sure you queue with someone else who needs to complete the mission and so both of you are using the pistols needed to complete this mission. In the end you will both receive 2 stars.

  • 2 Stars – Get kills with all 10 pistols in Guardian: Apollo

Low Earth Orbit

The second mission this week that is based on using a pistol is the Low Earth Orbit mission. Since the game mode in this mission is Remakes you will be stuck using the default starting pistol for the team you select. Both teams start with with full body armor which is something you need to take into considerations when picking your team.

More than 1 headshot is needed to take an enemy out with a pistol in this game mode.

  • 1 Star – Get 3 Pistol kills in Retakes.
  • 8 Star – Get 3 Pistol kills in Retakes.
  • 15 Star – Get 3 Pistol kills in Retakes.

One Small Step

It is time to bring back hostage maps into the main scene of CS2. The developers up until this operation update seemed to forget about the game mode complete. For this mission you need to win 20 rounds of the map Apollo on the competitive game mode, do not worry though this is only a scrimmage map which means that you cannot gain or lose your rank by playing it.

  • 1 Star – Win 7 rounds in Competitive: Apollo
  • 2 Stars – Win 15 rounds in Competitive: Apollo
  • 3 Stars – Win 20 rounds in Competitive: Apollo

To reach the 20 rounds needed to get all 3 stars you will need to play at least two games of this map. This is because each game only has a maximum of 16 wins for a single team in each game.

The Deagle Has Landed

Whether you are good or bad with the Desert Eagle, this mission will help you get a better grip when using it in competitive. The secret to using the Deagle (short for Desert Eawgle) is to aim for the head at long to medium ranges as it will kill them in a single shot, but at short range you want to shoot as fast as you can aiming at the enemy torso.

  • 1 Star – Get 4 Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage Group
  • 2 Stars – Get 9 Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage Group
  • 3 Stars – Get 15 Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage Group

This mission can be completed in a single game but will take skill to pull off. Many people love the Deagle but are absolutely horrible with it in all game modes. For this reason it made the top 5 worst guns in CS2 list 5 years ago on this YouTube video and I would still place it there.

The Right Stuff

The last mission this week is called “The Right Stuff” where players will need to try out the new game mode added into the game with Operation Broken Fang. It places players into a competitive match but has extra stats, map bans and more added in to give it more of a competitive feel. For this mission you need to be the most valued player (MvP) for a round up to 9 times to receive the maximum of 3 stars from this mission.

  • 1 Star – Earn 3 MvP Stars in Broken Fang Premier
  • 2 Stars – Earn 6 MvP Stars in Broken Fang Premier
  • 3 Stars – Earn 9 MvP Stars in Broken Fang Premier

An easy way to be the MvP of a round is to focus on planting or defusing the bomb as this is one of the most common ways to be given the MvP of the round.

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