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Broken Fang Missions – Week 1 Guide

To the surprise of many a new operation for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was released yesterday. There is so much new content that you will be able to read about it in another post on this website. One feature that is not new is the weekly missions, these missions are what this article will go over giving you a in-depth guide on each mission and the fastest way to get the 10 stars. 10 stars is the maximum amount you can earn each week.

The name of the mission list this week is “Start Your Engines” with each of the mission names relating to an engines in some way. There are a total of 19 stars that can be obtained from 7 different week 1 missions, but remember that once you hit the maximum of 10 you won’t be able to get any more this week.

List of the Week 1 Mission in Operation Broken Fang

Maximum StarsNameDescription
3Clutch ControlWin rounds in Retakes.
3Ice & Snow, Take It SlowGet kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite
3Manual TransmissionWin rounds in Competitive: Engage.
3Premium UnleadedWin rounds in Broken Fang Premier.
3Warming UpGet AK46, M4A4 or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.
2Mass ProductionGet 25 kills in Guardian: Engage.
2Under The HoodThe Phoenix have been spotted! Find out what they are planning.
List of the Broken Fang Missions with Stars

After you have completed these missions the only two items you cannot buy this week without purchasing additional stars from he Valve store is the “Master Agent – Commander Mae” and “Master Agents – Sir Bloody Darryl”.

Operation Broken Fang Shop where you spend your stars

Fastest Way to get 10 Stars in Week 1 of Operation Broken Fang

Here is a list of the quickest way to get the maximum of 10 stars this week. It will take you on average around 3 hours to complete these missions. This may seem like a long time but if you compare it to doing the other missions a single mistake could cost you hours more.

Mission NameStar Amount
Warming Up3
Clutch Control3
Ice & Snow, Take It Slow2
Under The Hood2
Fastest way to reach 10 stars in Week 1 of Operation Broken Fang

Guide for Each Week 1 Mission in Operation Broken Fang

This section will go over each of the mission and guide you how to complete them the most efficiently. Some missions may require you to be in a lobby with a friend or join a group of others to complete the task most efficiently.

List of week 1 missions as they appear in the game

Clutch Control

One of the quickest missions this week to get your 3 stars is the Clutch Control mission. It requires you to win up to 10 rounds on the new retake game mode released with this operation.

The best option is to start on the terrorist team as they start with the bomb already planted on the bomb site. This means your team has already done half of the work needed to win. Unfortunately, you cannot pick which map you will play as it is selected randomly but you can choose who your play with before you queue. Get some of your better friends to join your lobby before you start and you will be able to finish this mission in no time at all.

  • 1 Star – Win 3 rounds in Retakes
  • 2 Stars – Win 7 rounds in Retakes
  • 3 Stars – Win 10 rounds in Retakes

Ice & Snow, Take It Slow

Danger Zone is a game mode that many players seem to have just forgotten about but in this operation a whole new map has been released called Frostbite. As with some of these missions you will need to play with a friend in your lobby to be able to complete this mission. Six kills is easy to get for the 3 stars and can be completed within a single round of Danger Zone.

if your friend has already complete this mission make sure they don’t kill the enemies but instead spot them for you, making use of the ping feature inside of the game. If you don’t complete your six kills in a single game, the amount you have gotten previously will count towards the six.

  • 1 Star – 2 kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite
  • 2 Stars – 4 kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite
  • 3 Stars – 6 kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite

Just remember that the Danger Zone game mode changes maps every few minutes. You will need to see what the map currently is before starting up the queue, otherwise you will end up on one of the other two Danger Zone maps.

Manual Transmission

If you prefer to play competitive this is an easy mission to complete as you play. You will need to get 20 round wins in the competitive game mode on the map Engage. Grab some friends who have played the map before and take out the enemy.

I found the best strategy is to have everyone rush one location while on the terrorist side. This works because the map has routes leading all over the map.

  • 1 Star – Win 7 rounds in Competitive: Engage
  • 2 Stars – Win 15 rounds in Competitive: Engage
  • 3 Stars – Win 20 rounds in Competitive: Engage

I don’t usually write my personal opinion but the map has a lot of layers and is a bit all over the place. If you are like me it could cause a big headache playing the map Engage.

Mass Production

Get 25 kills in total between you and a friend in the map Engage on the game mode Guardian. Enemies get more difficult as you kill more of them. Do no worry though, over time if you are unable to beat a certain stage the enemies get easier.

  • 2 Stars – Get 25 kills in Guardian: Engage

Premium Unleaded

The second competitive map Premium Unleaded gives you a chance to check out the new competitive feature also called “Broken Fang” that has been placed into the game. In this game mode each team bans some maps before a random one is selected out of the remaining maps. It only has the active duty maps, so you won’t be seeing the new scrimmage maps Apollo or Engage.

  • 1 Star – Win 7 rounds in Broken Fang Premier
  • 2 Stars – Win 15 rounds in Broken Fang Premier
  • 3 Stars – Win 20 rounds in Broken Fang Premier

Make sure you don’t ban the maps that you and your team are best at.

Under The Hood

One of the best co-op missions that has been released in CS2, Under the Hood takes you to a farm where you take out between 100-200 enemies over time as you make your way to their secret base. I was able to do this with a Silver 1 without us losing the mission once so it is not hard but just time consuming.

  • 2 Stars – Complete the co-op mission by killing all of the Phoenix enemies

There is one section that where you need to turn around and head back the way you originally came, keep an eye out because some players get stuck at the barn location with a power generator.

Warming Up

This mission is by far the easiest to complete this week. Join a casual game on the map Ancient and get a total of 25 kills using the AK47, M4A4 or M4A1-S for 3 stars.

  • Get 7 AK47, M4A4 or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.
  • Get 15 AK47, M4A4 or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.
  • Get 25 AK47, M4A4 or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.

There is a really nice alleyway people rush up and down on the Counter-Terrorists right side (Terrorists left side) where you can get easy head shots on both teams.

Week 2 Broken Fang Mission Guide ->

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