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Fake Hacks are Ruining Cheaters Games in CS2

We are all sick of hackers in Counter-Strike 2s but hackers have recently been attacked with hack that works against them when they try to use it. Team killing.

The video which can be found further down on this page shows some great insight into the location of the people who downloaded the fake cheat. It shows that Poland, Germany and Brazil are the highest offenders each with over one hundred downloads. ScriptKid does mention that he used Adsense which is an ad network by Google to get traffic but doesn’t specify which regions he targeted.

The fake hack did the following:

  • Drops grenades under players when they try to throw them and disables the movement keys. This includes both HE and incendiary grenades.
  • Fires weapons when a team mate is in front of the player’s crosshair.
  • Turns the player sensitivity to 100 and forcing them to jump for a set amount of time.
  • Push the crosshair off the enemy team when aiming at them.
  • Throws the players weapons away when they try to aim at an enemy.

ScriptKid has not only done this for CS2 though, he has also targeted hackers who play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) by making them jump out of moving vehicles when they are moving above a certain speed. Downing or killing the player in the act, removing them from the game.

This is not the first time someone has done something similar to mess with people who download public hacks of the internet to ruin the game for others. AndroidL from Reddit created a hack that would get players banned on purpose after a certain amount of time by running code it knew Valve Anti-Cheat (also known as VAC) would detect and act upon right away. They state that they have banned over 3,000 accounts with his fake cheat.

Now you should know not to trust anything you download online, especially cheats for an online game as they could be working against you in an attempt to get you banned. So while you have your account safe why not check out the top CS2 trading websites where you can trade your skins for others without the hassle of paying the 15% Steam fee and do it instantly.

4 thoughts on “Fake Hacks are Ruining Cheaters Games in CS2

  • Hello,

    What is this table in the first pic showing? Is it cheaters per country or what?

    • The image of the countries just shows which country a person is in that downloaded the fake cheat. It also has the total amount of users from the country.

  • No I’m sorry but no. Those people if they would’ve downloaded working cheats would ruin game exactly the same way for enemy team. I mean the whole post looks like a whinning from a person who got caught rather than someone who was wrongfully affected by someone in team using fake cheats. I’d suggest you to calm your tits instead of trying to call out people who make fake cheats. They’re doing gods work to make people stop using cheats altogether. Of course it wouldn’t work on everyone but surely less people are gonna use something like that after they experienced it.

    • Thank you for the comment, I read through the post and it seems to be completely factual with no suggestion that it is for or against cheats. Feel free to expand on your comment so I and others can understand it better.


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