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2023 Service Medal Update in CS2

Likely the last update has been released for CS2 in the year 2022. It provided us with the ability to get the 2023 Service Medal in the new year and two new community wingman maps.

The two community maps include:

  • Boyard – Small quick engagements.
  • Chalice – Long-distance Duels.

How to get the 2023 Service Medal in CS2?

The service medal will be available starting on the 1st of January 2023. Once you have reached rank 40 or above, you’ll get the option to reset your rank on the home screen. Once you reset your rank, you’ll receive the 2023 Service Medal in your inventory.

Your inventory where it is stored can also be accessed from the home screen by pressing the button with a case icon on it. Here you can then attach it to your profile if you want to show it off to people while in the game.

Why do players get CS2 Service Medals?

Service medals can serve as a way for players to show off their achievements and accomplishments within the game. They can also be a source of motivation for players, as they strive to earn more medals and unlock new abilities or items. In some cases, service medals may also provide gameplay benefits, such as increased damage or improved accuracy.

Service medals are a common and important feature in CS2 as it is released every year. It provides players with a sense of accomplishment and motivation, and can also serve as a way to showcase their skills and achievement within the game.

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